The coastal lifestyle, unpretentious quaint beach style accommodation, and convenience to both Hastings and Napier are what attract residents to Te Awanga. Te Awanga is now predominantly occupied by permanent residents.

Te Awanga residential property values have shown a high degree of stability in recent years. Values did fall following the property boom to a low in 2010, but the reduction was not to dramatic. The property market has since recovered lost ground and is now at record levels.

Property values in Te Awanga vary significantly due to the wide range of quality from modest cottages to substantial homes, and well as locational differences due to position and views. Add to this the low volume of sales in Te Awanga, and that results in a somewhat larger than normal variations in the median sale price (as shown on the graphs).

For like for like accommodation, values in Te Awanga are typically about $50,000 above values in neighbouring Haumoana.

In Te Awanga your valuer needs an understanding of what makes the market tick; the appeal of the quaint, imperfect cottage; the value of a view; an appreciation for erosion issues and coastal proximity.