The Frimley property market has traditionally been the strongest and most sought-after suburb within Hastings. Amenities within or near the suburb which add appeal include the Hawke’s Bay Regional Hospital, well-regarded public and private schooling, Frimley Park, the Hawkes Bay Sports Park and ease of access to the Napier Hastings Expressway.

The suburb now comprises two distinct parts, the original part, and the new development north of Nottingley Road. The original part is starting to age, and values in this area suffer from competition from the new development areas. The new area has experienced strong value growth and good demand.

Over the past 15 years Frimley has constantly maintained the highest long-term median price for any Hastings city suburb. However due to significant new development increasing the median quality of housing in the suburb, the statistics somewhat exaggerate the value growth experienced for existing housing stock.

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