Camberley was predominantly developed by the State in the 1960s. The locality suffers from a lower than average standard of housing with property values a reflection of that lower standard. The locality has also been affected by gang activity in recent years.

Property values in Camberley tend to reflect the fortunes and demands of investors, first-time buyers and the labour market. As investor interest reduced from 2009 and 2015, and greater constraints were placed on mortgage lending, property values softened. Between 2015 and early 2020, Property values strengthened, driven largely by investors and first home buyers. On average over the past 20 odd years, Camberley is considered to have experience below average value growth relative to most areas of Hastings.

The Camberley property market is small, so the above graph (based on this evidence) tends to experience greater fluctuations as a result.

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