Ahuriri is a popular mixed use suburb on the northern side of Napier Hill between the base of the Hill, the coastline and inner harbour. The locality comprises a unique mix of residential (including apartment living) commercial and industrial activities. The quaint nature of local housing, coastal lifestyle appeal, relatively central location and entertainment attractions including cafes, bars and restaurants make Ahuriri sought after for both commercial and residential purposes. Over recent times the suburb has seen a resurgence of commercial activity.

Residential property values in Ahuriri have shown greater variation on the above graphs due to the suburbs relatively small size and wide disparity between the lower and upper end of value the range. However, overall Ahuriri has experienced above average growth and is now one of the higher priced suburbs within Napier. Properties with coastal frontage and/or with sea views experienced significant value premiums.

Apartment living is plentiful within Ahuriri, with most being situated within good coastal positions. Apartment values tend to fluctuate more between week and strong markets. Many apartments experienced falling values between 2007 and 2015, however have experienced a strong value growth since. This particularly driven by buyers downsizing and buyers driven to Ahuriri for the lifestyle without the constraints of normal home ownership.

Ahuriri is a diverse suburb which requires a thorough local knowledge and understanding. We have valuers with that knowledge, and personal connections and investments in Ahuriri ready to assist you today.